easyFF software


easyFF is a software for the computation of optimal multi-band filtering functions. It can be used for the design of single-band, dual-band, or even tri-band filters.

If you need to compute a filtering function with complex specifications, just try easyFF!



The user can define the following parameters:

  • passbands (number, beginning and end of each passband)
  • stopbands (number, beginning and end of each stopband)
  • levels of attenuation in each stopband (number, intervals with a value in dB)
  • levels of return loss in each passband (number, intervals with a value in dB)
  • number of reflection zeros
  • number of transmission zeros

Example of computed dual-band function

dual-band filtering function computed by easyFF

Example of computed tri-band function

tri-band filtering function computed by easyFF

About the Author

easyFF has been developed by Vincent Lunot, partly during his PhD studies in the project-team APICS at INRIA, a French public research center dedicated to computational sciences.
Vincent is currently looking for job opportunities. If you are interested in his work, you are welcome to .
For any question or comment about easyFF, do not hesitate to .
More information about Vincent and easyFF is available on Vincent Lunot's website.